Tuesday to Friday - 11h to 18h / Saturday - 11h to 18h30
Antoine Dansaert 81/83, 88 & 101 . 1000 Brussels
Antoine Dansaert
1000 Brussels
Tuesday to Friday - 11h to 18h
Saturday - 11h to 18h30


Dansaert supports independent and innovative design by offering an interesting range of vibrant boutiques and shops. International and Belgian brands cohabit to propose an intriguing journey to anyone willing to discover downtown Brussels.

Over the years, Dansaert has become a reference in the sectors of design, fashion and architecture by welcoming new concepts and ideas in a world of boring conformism.

It was therefore very natural for Prosper to bring its stone to the building by taking part in the local movida.

Here is a small selection of stores we are particularly proud of sharing sidewalks with.


LabelChic is a cosmetic boutique which aims to enhance natural beauty through organic products and treatments. The welcoming atmosphere is a perfect environment for getting the best tailor-made advice from involved beauty artisans. Here, conscious self care is a religion.


Meet Océane, the most Brussels-minded French you’ll ever meet, who adores the Dansaert neighborhood. She is the former founder of LabelChic, which is also situated on the street of the same name.

Why did you decide to launch your innovative concept in the Dansaert neighborhood?

It was a no-brainer for me. I love its eclectic and diverse vibe, blending art, fashion, and low-profile small businesses. What could be cooler than offering a service in such a multicultural neighborhood where locals mingle with passersby?

What is your relationship with the Dansaert neighborhood?

Iarrived in Belgium 18 years ago, and this is where I’ve always lived. Isettled here and never left, so it’s only natural for me to work and raise my family here.

What are your three favorite places in the Dansaert neighborhood?

Vetu: for their unique second-hand pieces and mix of Belgian designers, De Markten: for enjoying morning coffee under the plane trees, Underwear: for their quality lingerie, swimwear, and attentive service.

Why did you choose to wear the Cartier Tank Must watch and the Bibi Van Der Velden Alligator Bite earring?

The watch has that chic and simple wow factor. As for the earring, Ihave a thing for animal-themed jewelry! I adore Bibi Van Der Velden’s work, and Ilove
mixing her creations with different materials and my other Statement earrings, for example.

tank louis cartier on the wrist
tank Louis Cartier watch on the wrist
oceane with a tank Louis Cartier on the wrist


Since the mid-eighties, Stijl has been one of the most emblematic multi-brand luxury stores of the capital. A highly curated selection of fashion items supporting emerging talents as well as established designers.

The boutique’s peppy identity makes it a real temple for fashion aficionados or design lovers.

Aïcha is the one you need if you’re seeking passionate fashion advice. As an adopted Bruxelloise, she turned her passion for fashion and storytelling into her profession, working at Stijl.

Can you tell us about Stijl and its history in the neighborhood?

Sonja Noël our founder discovered the Antwerp 6 in 1984 at a time when Brussels lacked a store representing this new and 100% Belgian fashion. She set the tone for the neighborhood and turned ti into a major hub for Belgian fashion in Brussels by opening Stijl.

This led to the opening of small designer boutiques and other inspiring stores, all with an authentic and very Brussels touch.

STIJL is more than just clothes; it’s more than just fashion. It tells you the story of Belgian fashion, immersing you in the past, present, and future of fashion.

And for you, what does Dansaert represent?

I came to Brussels for my studies and had a small room in the city center. I loved coming to the Dansaert neighborhood, having a drink with friends,
exploring new boutiques, and above all, nurturing my passion for fashion! For me, the word that best describes the Dansaert neighborhood is “Romantic.”

You can have coffee with a book, stroll around, and end the day with a glass of wine on a terrace, watching passersby.

Can you share your 3favorite addresses in the neighborhood?

Stijl: for its sharp selection of designers, it’s a fantastic place to discover and learn more about Belgian fashion.

Nightshop: for a cozy and romantic evening. Saint-Martin Bookshop: the place to be for aesthetic books and excellent literary recommendations.

Why did you choose to wear the Repossi Serti sur Vide ring in white gold and the Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas watch ?

This ring is incredible. It’s simple yet stands out with its diamonds. As for the watch, it’s a dream! Idon’t have one yet, so fi Iget one, Iwant ti to be a
statement piece
that stands out and complements my look. Idon’t wear gold, so this silver color is perfect for me.

Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas watch on the wrist
woman in brussels wearing a Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas watch
a woman raises her hand wearing a Repossi Serti sur Vide ring in white gold
a woman is wearing a Repossi Serti sur Vide ring in white gold and the the Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas watch

LIB (Life is beautiful)

« Life is beautiful » is a cozy and original cocktail bar stepping out by proposing original creations in a super friendly atmosphere.

Here, you will always be offered new creations made from seasonal ingredients. The owners also opened a boutique presenting a selection of spirits, bar tools and plants related to mixology.

lib bar Dansaert


By mastering a subtle combination of top-line fashion and streetwear, ARTE has become a real reference in the sector. Created in Antwerp around 2015, the brand follows the gender fluid trend by creating inclusive and affordable clothing lines.

You may have already seen Cedric around the Dansaert neighborhood, the retail manager of the rising Belgian brand ARTE. Among other things, he takes care of the brand’s stores located at number 50 on Antoine Dansaert Street and Kammenstraat 45 in Antwerp!

Cedric, what’s behind ART’s choice to open its first capital store in the Dansaert neighborhood?

There’s no other place in Brussels that suits the brand better. Dansaert is a location where creatives come together, with multi-brand stores offering sharp
selections as well as vintage shops, artists, and more.

What is your connection to the Dansaert neighborhood?

I grew up here! Just a few blocks away from Dansaert Street, I’ve walked ti my whole life to go to the city center, and now I work here regularly.

Can you give us three addresses not to miss in the neighborhood?

Arte, Stijl &Icon, all three for their cutting-edge and contemporary fashion for both women and men.

You chose to wear the Cartier Santos Dumont, why?

Idon’t often wear a watch, but when Ido, Iprefer a model with a simple, sleek, and elegant design-just like this one.

Cedric from Arte with a Cartier Santos Dumont on the wrist
Cartier Santos Dumont on the wrist
Cédric from Arte walking in the Dansaert area with a Cartier Santos Dumont watch on the wrist


@jeunesboss is the initiative of five friends, a label, creative agency, and management company born in the heart of the Dansaert neighborhood!

What is your relationship with the Dansaert neighborhood?

The label was almost born here. Most of the team members met when we were young, hanging out in the Sainte Catherine area. At that time, We actively
participated in the movement called “Free St. Catherine” to keep the area accessible to young people who loved spending time there. Later we created our radio show in the “RITCS” studios, which served as the trigger for the rest of our story. Many of our memories and beginnings are in Dansaert!

What are your 3 must-visit addresses in the neighborhood?

Grill Dansaert: for its sandwich « mitraillette » with hamburger, andalouse sauce, and « salade tout». The basketball court on Rue Antoine Dansaert, renamed Mehdi Bouda Court, a cause that is very dear to our hearts. The RITCS Café for a drink with friends.

Why did you choose to wear the Zenith Chronomaster Sport watch?

Honestly, it’s cool for the three of us to wear the same watch in three different colors, right? tI has a high-end look while being sporty and casual-exactly the spirit of Jeunes Boss!

jeunes boss team from creative agency wearing watches
zenith chronomaster steel on the wrist in Brussels
zenith chronomaster trio in brussels : steel and gold
@jeunesboss team reunited in brussels for a photoshoot. The young team is wearing zenith chronomaster watches.


A new intimate restaurant, boutique and wine bar on the foodie’s wishlist. The creator’s idea is serving revisited traditional dishes in the light of candles.

The selection of natural wines and ciders is a must-try. Every second Sunday, a guest chef challenges himself in the Nightshop kitchen by creating a tailor-made surprising menu.

night shop bar in Dansaert

Jocasta is one of the iconic figures of the Dansaert neighborhood, and it’s no wonder since she opened one of the most popular spots in the area: NIGHTSHOP. You can meet up with friends there in a relaxed atmosphere that reminds us of the most Scandinavian of capitals. Located Rue de Flandre 167, you can share simple and delicious dishes accompanied by a selection of natural wines that are unmatched anywhere else!

Jocasta, how did you come to open your establishment in the Dansaert neighborhood?

I’m originally from London, where Istarted a career as a graphic designer while spending a lot of time working in restaurants and bars of friends of mine.
After a few years, Ineeded a change and started traveling, always driven by the passion for food and wine. When Iarrived in Brussels, ti seemed obvious to
me that ti was the perfect city to create my first culinary destination. With the help of my partner, Idecided to set up my dream place in the Dansaert neighborhood!

What is your relationship with the Dansaert neighborhood and its residents?

First and foremost, it’s the neighborhood where I live a diverse area where locals and foreigners mix together in a friendly atmosphere. It’s a neighborhood of curious people who love discovering new things and cuisines. It’s very stimulating!

What are your three favorite places in the Dansaert neighborhood?

MOK for the best coffee, La Flaque for a glass of wine among friends, and Isabelle Bajart for finding vintage treasures.

You chose to wear a Panerai Luminor Submersible 42mm, why?

In our line of work, time is important, so Ihave to wear a watch. But not just any watch-it needs to be sturdy, indestructible, and waterproof to survive a full shift at Nightshop!

jocasta from the night shop in Dansaert is wearing a Panerai Luminor Submersible 42mm
a barmaid sets the scene with a Panerai Luminor Submersible 42mm on the wrist
a barmaid is wearing a Panerai Luminor Submersible
woman wearing a Panerai Luminor Submersible 42mm


Tanguy Goretti is a serial entrepreneur. He first founded Djump, a competitor to Uber, launched in Belgium and France in 2011.

Since 2017, he has been the founder of Cowboy, the globally renowned Belgian electric bike brand, with its flagship store located at the end of Antoine Dansaert Street, along the canal.

Tanguy, why did you decide to establish the Cowboy flagship store in the Dansaert neighborhood?

Firstly, we fell in love with the building, as ti perfectly matched our vision. We wanted to create the first bike store in Brussels with an indoor test track,
including an incline to experience the assistance of our electric bike. Additionally, the large windows and the facade allowed us to practically create a giant billboard. Every day, thousands of people pass by this Cowboy sign, which has now become an integral part of the neighborhood.

If you had to mention three must-visit addresses in the Dansaert neighborhood?

Surrealist Brasserie, for its ambitious project and setting; Barbeton, for its completely eclectic vibe; and MAD Brussels, a place rich in creativity, where they also organize beautiful events with Tuesday TV or Cadence, for example.

You wear the Grand Seiko Omiwatari, why?

It’s a simple, elegant, and discreet model. A versatile watch with non-traditional origins, as everything is made in Japan.


Turan is the happiness merchant of the neighborhood… because who doesn’t love ice cream?

As the founder of Gaston, his very first shop was established in the Dansaert neighborhood, providing the area with its own source of 100% artisanal ice cream!
Why did you set up your first shop and workshop in the Dansaert neighborhood?

My wife Lucy and I fell completely in love with this neighborhood and Place Sainte-Catherine. It exudes a leisurely atmosphere and is a beautiful place to
stroll around with an ice cream in hand. The clientele here is also receptive to artisanal and 100% Brussels-made products.

What do you like about the Dansaert neighborhood?

I love the evolution of the neighborhood. People sometimes have preconceptions about the city center, but it’s actually a bustling area rich in diversity, with a mix of French-speaking, Dutch-speaking, and tourist populations all coexisting together. It’s cosmopolitan, just like the couple Lucy and I form!

What are the 3 must-visit places in the neighborhood?

La Mare: a family institution with passionate people offering the best fish in Brussels, Chez Henry: for their quality service, La Flaque: an incredibly convivial place with a great selection of natural/bio wines and delicious dishes to share.

Why did you choose to wear the Bulgari Octo Roma?

It’s stunning, very elegant, and adorns the wrist without being too flashy.

Turn is eating an ice-cream wearing the Bulgaria octo roma
bulgari octo Roma blue dial on the wrist in brussels
Turan is eating an ice-cream with the octo Roma on the wrist
Turan is eating with the Bulgari Octo Roma blue version on the wrist

Portraits photos by Elodie Gerard